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Our Beautiful Springfield Barn is the perfect place for your nexe event!

Springfield Barn is the perfect place for your next event!






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Long before its founding Williamsport was host to countless visitors from American Indian travelers, to fur traders, to settlers passing through. With its location along the river and the eventual opening of the canal and railroad, the Town's history was built on welcoming travelers and guests. Music, dance, sports, recreation and fun are our tradition. Take in one of our many events, enjoy one of our dances, and stop in to listen to one of our concerts. Whatever you do, you will soon discover that Williamsport is historic fun!




Canal Days Application and Agreement for Display Space



Take a virtual tour of Williamsport's historic fun below!


Restored Civil War cannons returned to Doubleday Hill


Byron Park


Cruise In



Williamsport Town Museum


Charlie Brown Christmas at Historic Springfield Farm Barn


Christmas Springfield Farm Barn




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If you are visiting Williamsport or just want to redicover the town, Canel Town Partnership has created four great itineraries to follow.


Itinerary 1: One Short Day

Itinerary 2: One Long Day

Itinerary 3: Two Days

Itinerary 4: Two Days


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